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The Mobile App is becoming a trend. I want everything through mobile.

If I need to track my Kid's School Van Or need to purchase a T-Shirt Or want to give a surprise gift to my Wife on our 7th Wedding Anniversary Or want to track my field Staff thier geo centric location. All I can do sitting in my office Cabin. That is the power of Mobile Web and through various Mobile Apps.

Our motto is 'Let's grow digitally & our mission is to help you increase efficiency, sales, customer satisfection and productivity.

This world is restricted within a web and it's remote in our hands through Mobile Web. We have built information App like Mypostman App if you want to search the information of your area's postman; employee tracking app like SmarTrack GPS App, office reporting app for all post offices of Gurgaon & Faridabad Or buy/sell books online through 'Booksoye App'.

Android App Development

Android is assumed to be a vital weapon in the coming generation. Everyday new Apps are coming in the market with some additional features and obsoleting the previous Apps. How to get the nerves of our Clients, how to feel their pulse?? Our App programs do it in a decent way. A mobile software platform and OS based on the Linux kernel, Our programmers develop code that can work well & operate through Androids via Google-enabled Java libs. A new storm in the Mobile Market, Android which is mastering the market in a small time frame.. Our Android App Developers create mobile Apps using the software stack provided in the Google Android SDK. Android App in an efficient, firm and high-pottential way. grabbing the Giant Google Android SDK platform, our extremely talented Android App developers find the numberless & huge chances & prospects of Android Apps through its highly talented set of development tools. Our Android SDK programmers create code using Google Android SDK's Application Program Interfaces, testing & validating tools, handset look like & test on it and sample programming to create extra-ordinary, brilliant App for Android smart phones.

W3DEVELOPER'S Android Apps depending on the Effort & Client Requirement can be a simple App or can be a complex App. In all cases, our core forte is Efficient performance ratio and consistency in quality grounds. Our Android Programmers code new & dynamic App. Quality, Efficiency & performance are the benchmarks of our Android App Programmers.

IOS App Development

Our Strategy iPhone App Programming in a creative, innovative and interactive way. Our Client Intraction starts from the requirement gathering and the Client remains with the Plan till sign off. Basis on the Wire Frame, a framework is designed with suggestions from Client & the app to be created with the feasibility of creating such an app based on the framework & efforts involved.

We set a Business Plan to build the App, based on the feasibility & efforts involved. On the mutual concent, the business plan is started which has mile stones to achieve. means Decomposing a goal into small segments and then integrate them to reach upt the set goal. A Developer Account is created for the Client at the Google playstore Or Apple Store Or Both, basis on the requirement. With a structured walktrough, we guide our clients to the development processes, meeting plans (telephonic or video conference) and marketing strategy.

Now comes, the Real Application Development App Development coding phase starts. Our iPhone app Programmers are trained in Apple's developer tools like Objective C, Xcode & Cocoa Touch framework. Utilizing the skills & the tool which is used now a days and off course Client's requirements, though Cocoa's Application Program Iterfaces are rated very high. our iPhone app developers code a firm & accurate to the point Xcode that makes phenomenal experience. If we add graphics, networking, GUIs and its impact on fellow Apps, with just a few lines of code. It brings out a master piece

Our iPhone App Coders are very professionals in conference Call, Video Confrencing and Skype Calling. If time frame is decided a time Slot of 4-6 It means 4-6 only. We try to give Optimum Level in that time frame period. In presence of Client, we try to find & erradicate as many errors & Bugs to make our App robust. Our Apps are original and innovative enough deteriorate the disturbance at Apple's Store and henceworth, gives a Class phenomenal User Experience. Going through each step wisely in iPhone App development , we build 3rd Party Vendors App as well that are as good and effective as the native Apps are.

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