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W3developers is a mobile solution for advertisers. Numbers of developers and small mobile companies know that we are the best solution to promote android apps on Google Play. We have one of the best system available on the planet at the best price.

Our unique offer wall platform is the fastest way to rank your android app. We will display your android apps in our platforms and users will install it for a small incentive. Our system filters users by levels so we can guaranteed higher chances of engagement with your app.

The future belongs to those who lead within this connected customer revolution. We deliver your solutions for the connected world.

How Digital Marketing works for Mobile App store

Natural Play Store installs might have a retention of 20-40% for an app (probably disputable, but that's what we observed with multiple apps and games). Getting a 99% of retention is impossible. It's like expecting 100 comments from a 100 YouTube views. It is totally unreal !!
The little dirty secret of the most successful apps is based on the amount of installs and review they get, Pure and simple: The more installs they get, the higher on the rankings.
Retention is important, and that is where you need to kick in by improving your app so retention increase as much as you can, but without massive amount of installs, is impossible to even get started.

Those top apps in the Google Play charts use Incentivized installs to drive massive amount of installs. Sure they also do organic installs, social and even traditional media advertising, but incentivized installs campaigns are the fastest way to increase volume.

Why Incentivized? Incentivized installs are the fastest and cheapest way to get installs from real users compared with traditional media. Also, Incentivized installs usually result in a retention rate between 5% and 15%, depending on the app of course. The latter has been observed with polished games only, but the range should give you a figure. Can I used this method for my app? Is it cafe? The common use of incentivized installs is gaining downloads for your app and pushing it into the rankings (like "Top New Free" for example, which works quite well). If you want to rank your app in a specific keyword niche it's also very useful! And the best thin& installs are made by real users so it 100% safe! Can I target installs by country? Yes! We also support country targeted campaigns and give you a forecast of estimated daily installs based on your filtered regions.